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When I was eight years old I lost my father overnight. Maybe this is why I realized the importance of moments at a very early stage in life. Sometimes the only thing we will have, as a return ticket to memories otherwise fading, are photographs.
A wedding is probably the only day in your life when all your beloved ones are together at once. What a momentous occasion! From my point of view this is it what a wedding should be all about: Celebrating your love with your beloved ones. As simple and as meaningful as that!
I am inspired by the pure love of life, vibrant cities, genuine stories, romantic poems, art museums, true intimacy, melancholic songs, maybe simply everything with soul in it. My aim is to capture all the precious moments and beautiful details of your wedding day. My vision is to create timeless, meaningful and emotional photographs.
There is nothing more intimate and real than a wedding. This is why I am specialized in wedding photography. I dedicate my life to photography, there is no fallback. I truly believe in it. It’s my passion. It’s my life. Seriously.

A few random facts about me:
I really, really need good coffee, everyday. Secrectly I am in love with Melbourne. I have a soft spot for perfume. I lived in China a few years ago. I would love to be a painter as well. I always prefer a cosy dinner and wine with friends instead of a party. There are always fresh flowers on my dining table.

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Roots and Wings

You love to travel, to explore and even to get lost sometimes, but you will never forget where you come from. You like traditions only as long as they are truly you, otherwise you prefer your own way. Maybe you lived abroad a few years and you appreciate new ideas and seek for inspiration. Art matters to you and is part of your life. You like concerts, museums and theater. You enjoy the urban life although sometimes you need the lake or mountains to relax. You believe that moments matter.
You get married, not because you should, but rather because it feels right from the bottom of your heart. You are at eye level with each other. You simply want to have hell of a good day and celebrate your love with your family and friends in a relaxed way. You see yourself as international, emotional and edgy? Maybe you are a cool urban couple willing to have hell of a fun wedding day. Or you plan to celebrate with all your international guests in a beautiful hideaway somewhere in the countryside. Whatever. Your wedding is truly YOU. Photography is a priority on your wedding, not just another vendor to tick off the list.
You love authentic, joyful, emotional and timeless photographs.
While reading this you think, oh yes, that’s so much us? Yeah, let’s get in touch and create something individual together.

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